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Past Speakers and Topics

Below are lists of Guest Speakers listed by Year. When permission is granted, a link to the presentation can be viewed by clicking on the coloured “italicized topic”.  Note: Zoom recordings will be available for one year after a meeting.

2022 Guest Speakers and Presentations
January Mark Collins, CEO and President, BC Ferries, “BC Ferries’ State of the Union: Electrification, Horseshoe Bay Master Plan and the Future of Shipbuilding
February Meredith Moll, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Harbour Air. “The History, Present Operation and Future Plans of Harbour Air.” Passcode: $Feb14
March Dr. David Wood, Director, VGH Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory, Cardiovascular Care in the 21st Century Passcode: Probus$Mar14
April Sam Cooper, Author and Journalist (Wilful Blindness), Money Laundering and Illegal Drugs Passcode: Probus$2022-04-11
May Connie Jorsvik. Patient Pathways,Navigating the BC Healthcare System Passcode: d#13jYGG
June Mark Milke, PhD, Author and Columnist ,The Victim Cult How the Grievance Culture Hurts Everyone and Wrecks Civilizations.” Passcode: ProbusJune13$2022
July Kevin Obermeyer, Chief Executive Officer, Pacific Pilotage Authority “Navigational Safety on the West Coast of Canada
August Dr. John J Clague, Professor and Shrum Chair in Science at Simon Fraser University, “Earthquake and Tsunami Risk in Coastal British Columbia.”
September Hugh Kelsey, The Royal Canadian Marine Safety and Rescue, Unit One, Its People and Mission,”
October Gordon Houston, Chief Executive and President (Retired) – Vancouver Port Authority Amalgamation
November Dennis Molnar, Historian, Amazing People Stories of World War 2 (Part 4) including the WW2 Spy Technology you always carry and use every day.
December No speaker due to Christmas Luncheon
2021 Guest Speakers and Presentations
January King Wan, “Ship Building in the Lower Mainland during World War II”
February The Honourable Jody Wilson-Raybould PC MP, Politics and Current Affairs, “TBA”
March Dr. Allan Burgmann, Lions Gate Hospital, Emergency Department Improvements, “TBA”
April Jonathan Manthorpe, How the book “Restoring Democracy” Came Out of “Claws of the Panda”
May Dr. Marco Marra, “Genomics the Future of Cancer Care
June Steve Macdonald, The Pacific Science Enterprise Centre, “A new way for the delivery of Science-based knowledge to the Department of Fisheries and Oceans – What Goes On Behind the Long Green Fence On Marine Drive in West Vancouver. – “
July John Atkin, Historian, “Downtown Eastside History Relative to Hogans Alley and the Viaducts”
August Dr. Michael Walker, Economist, “TBA”
September  Anna Stukas, Carbon Engineering Ltd.
October Dennis Molnar, Historian, “Amazing People Stories of World War 2 (Part 3) including the British Woman who sank 5 German U-Boats”
November Maureen McGrath, Host of the Sunday Night Health Show, “TBA
December Alan Mallroy. Mount Everest World Record, Christmas Luncheon
2020 Guest Speakers and Presentation (when available)
January Dr. Bruce McManus, Professor, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, UBC, “Probing Blood to Forecast Health”
February Mr. Justice S. David Frankel, BC Court of Appeal, “The Court of Appeal for British Columbia: Who we are and What we do”
MarchChristopher Gaze, OBC, Founding Artistic Director, Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival, “All the World’s a Stage”
April CANCELLED due to COVID-19 Health Concerns
May CANCELLED due to COVID-19 Health Concerns
June Zoom Meeting with Dr. Ralph Sultan, 19 Yrs MLA, Harvard Economics PhD, Lessons Learned from 20 Years in Politics”
July Zoom Meeting with Terry Hood, “The New North Vancouver Museum and Archives: an Exciting Community Amenity Coming Soon”
August Zoom Meeting with Kandys Merola, Executive Director“T.B. Vets Foundation”
September Dennis Molnar, Historian, Amazing People Stories of World War 2 (Part 2) including the Jailed German Generals who lived on British Estates, shopped in London and dined at the Ritz.”
OctoberZoom Meeting with Mike Harcourt, Former Premier of BCReflections on Several Civic and Provincial Issues” 
November Zoom Meeting with Tom Van Walleghem, “Contributions of the Canadian First Nations during WW1, 1914 – 1918”
December No speaker due to Christmas Zoom Holiday Presentation
2019 Guest Speakers and Presentation (when available)
January Tom Van Walleghem, Military Historian and Author, “The 100th Anniversary of the end of WWI – The War to End All Wars
February Mark Pearmain, Superintendent of Schools, North Vancouver School District, Ocean Wise, “Change in BC Public Education”
March Ashlie Corcoran, Artistic Director, Arts Club Theatre Company, The Arts Club – A New Era
April Roddy MacKenzie, “WWII Bomber Command”
May John Weston, MP, “How Would You Lead in the 21st Century?”
June Dennis Molnar, Historian, “Ten WW2 Stories, Including the Spy Who Inspired James Bond “
July Dr. Glenn Landy and Tim Pezzaro, Nano-Lit Technologies, “Circadian Rhythms, Sleep, and Circadian Rhythm Lighting”
August Jim Allworth, Investment StrategistRBC Dominion Securities, “Thinking About What Comes Next – Thoughts on the Outlook for the Global Economy and Financial Markets”
September Eleanor Campbell and Jane Jordan, “Developments in Palliative and Hospice Care on the North Shore”
October Mayor Mike Little, Councillor Don Bell, and Councillor Craig Cameron, Mayors’ Forum (North Shore) Presentation OnePresentation Two
November Professor Rene Goldman, Holocaust Survivor, “the Holocaust: Memoirs and Reflections of a Child Survivor”
December No speaker due to Christmas Luncheon
2018 Guest Speakers and Presentation (when available)
JanuaryDennis Molnar, Historian, “Part II – Behind the Berlin Wall: Best Escapes. Resisting the State and Poster Propaganda in Cold War East Germany”
February Dr. Peter Ross, Vice President of Research, Ocean Wise, “Oceans in Peril: Microplastics and the Destruction of the Oceans””
March Jon Lumer, “Electoral Reform”
April Stan Ridley, President, West 2012 Energy Management Inc., Gobal Warming and Climate Change: The Children’s Future is in Our Hands”
May Dr. Brian Day, “Current Legal Battles Over Health Care in BC”
June Chief Justice C.E. Hinkson, “The Canadian Justice System and the Role of the Courts.”
JulyKim Baird, First Nations Consultant, “Themes on Reconciliation.”
August Kevin Desmond, CEO, Translink, “Transit in the Lower Mainland.”
September Dr. Gerald Baier, Associate Professor, Dept. of Political Science, “Pros and Cons of Electoral Reform” Note: Presentation is available upon request.
October Peter Klein, Award-Winning Journalist and Documentary Filmmaker, “Risk to Democracy: When the 4th Comes Under Attack”
November Dr. Cheryl Wellington, Centre fro Brain Health, UBC“Concussion and Dementia”
December No speaker due to Christmas Luncheon
2017 Guest Speakers and Presentation (when available)
JanuaryDr. John Innes, Professor and Dean, Faculty of Forestry, UBC – “Is Forestry in BC Heading for a Crisis?”
FebruaryMargaret Catley-Carlson  “Sustainable Devlopment of Water Resources”
MarchDr. André Gerolymatos, Chair of Hellenic Studies at SFU – “The Middle East and the Trump Factor”
AprilDr. Marco Marra, UBC Canada Research Chair in Genome Science – The BC Cancer Agency Personalized OncoGenomics (POG) Project”
MayBrett Finlay, UBC Professor, – “Relationship Between Humans and Microbes”
JuneDr. Barry Cartwright, Senior Lecturer, School of Criminology, SFU – Cyberterrorism and Cyberwarfare: A Clear and Present Danger.”
JulyCathy Peters – “Human SexTrafficking – Youth and Child Exploitation”
AugustSandra Enticknap, Q.C., Miller Thompson LLP – “Current Topics in Estate Planning”
SeptemberAndy Yan, Adjunct Professor, SFU Urban Studies Program – “Urban Planning”
OctoberProfessor Paul Evans, Institute of Asian Research and Liu Institute for Global Issues, UBC – “Averting a Second Korean War: Options and Delemmas for China, the United States, North Korea (and Canada)”
NovemberDennis Molnar, Historian, “Part I:- Living Behind the Berlin Wall: Life for Families in Cold War East Germany”
DecemberNo speaker due to Christmas Luncheon
2016 Guest Speakers and Presentation (when available)
JanuaryLinda Fawcus and Tannis Fuller, Gluu Technology Society- “The Internet of Things”
FebruaryDennis Molnar, Military History Enthusiast – “WWII Spitfire Fighter Aircraft”
MarchDr. Brian Riddell, President and CEO, Pacific Salmon Foundation – “PSF and the State of BC’s Pacific Salmon:Today and Tomorrow”
AprilDr. Paul Evans, Professor, Institute of Asian Research and Liu Institute for Global Issues, UBC – “Troubled Waters: China and Maritime Disputes in its Neighbouring Seas”
MayCapt. Bill Noon  “Finding Erebus: The 2014 Search for the Franklin Expedition”
JuneMax Cynader, CM OBC FRSC – “How to Keep Your Brain Healthy as You Age”
JulyJason Beck, BC Sports Hall of Fame  “A Week You’ll Remember A Lifetime – 1954 British Empire Games Vancouver”
AugustJock Finlayson, Executive Vice President and Chief Policy Officer, Business Council of BC – “BC Economic Outlook in a Slow Growth World”
SeptemberDr. Simon Peacock, Dean of Science, UBC- “The Magnitued 9 Earthquake in Japan 2011 and The Potential for a Similar Earthquake in Cascadia” 
OctoberJonathan Whitworth, CEO, Seaspan ULC- “Seaspan Today”
NovemberDr. Trevor Heaver, Professor Emeritus, Sauder School of Business, UBC – “Ships at Your Door” (large file)
DecemberNo speaker due to Christmas Luncheon
2015 Guest Speakers and Presentation (when available)
JanuaryJohn R. McKearney, MA, CFO, Fire Chief, General Manager, Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services – “Community Fire Rescue Services Involved in Social Engineering”
FebruaryBarry Forbes, TransLink Board Vice-Chair – “Metro Vancouver Transportation Needs and Future Challenges.”
MarchBrigadier-General (Retired) Don Macnamara – Sovereignty, Security and the F-35”
AprilMichael Lowry,Communications Manager, Western Canada Marine Response Corporation – “Canada’s Tanker Safety and Spill Response Regime Changes.”
MayCharles Lammam, Director of Fiscal Studies, Fraser Institute- “The State of Government Finances in Metro Vancouver.”
JuneDan Potts, BSc, MBA- The Costly Impact of Site C and the Clean Energy Act on BC Hydro Customers.”
JulyJohn Barker, President, West Vancouver Streamkeeper Society- “Salmon Thrive in Urban Streams – Imagine That!”
AugustDr. William Rees, Professor Emeritus,Ecological Economist – “The Human Eco Footprint: Marching Toward the Abyss”
SeptemberDr. Angus Reid, Chairman Angus Reid Institute – “Current Federal Election and the Consequences for Canada”
OctoberDr. André Gerolymatos, Chair of Hellenic Studies at SFU – “The War Within the War: The Sunni Shia Conflict, Terrorism, The Refugee Crisis and The Impact of the EU Countries”
NovemberDr. David Sweet, O.C., DMD, Ph.D., Director of Students, Professor Dentistry, BOLD Forensic Laboratory – “Behind the Crime Scene Barrier Tape”
DecemberNo speaker due to Christmas Luncheon
2014 Guest Speakers and Presentation (when available)
JanuaryDr. John Helliwell, Professor of Economis (Emeritus),, UBC – “How to be Happy”
FebruaryRhona Hunter, P.Eng., Program Director, Infrastructure Development, Container Capacity Improvement Program, Port Metro Vancouver
MarchDr. Robert G. Evans, Health Economist, Centre for Health Services and Policy Research, UBC
AprilDanny Catt, B.Sc., M.Sc., Wildlife Ecologiest, Educator and Photographer, Arctice Adventure Traveller, Faculty, BCIT
MayDr. André Gerolymatos, Chair of Hellenic Studies at SFU – “Crimea and Russia”
JuneNicole Garton, Lawyer and Mediator, Heritage Law – “Protect Yourself – New Wills and Estate Act”
JulyGreg Kist, President, Pacific NorthWest LNG, LNG Industry Update”
AugustClub Social – Pancake Breakfast
SeptemberThe Honourable Wally Oppal, Q.C., Boughton Law –“Be Fraud Aware”
OctoberBrad Simpson, Partner and Vice-President, Hedge Fund Strategy, Picton Mahoney Asset Management- “Investments Strategy, Projections and Issues”
NovemberDon Vicic., Probus Member –“Great Battlefields from WWI and WWII”
DecemberNo speaker due to Christmas Luncheon
2013 Guest Speakers and Presentation (when available)
JanuaryJohn Shaw, P. Eng., Vice President, Government Relations and Business Development, Seaspan Shipyards – “The National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy Impact on Vancouver”
FebruaryC.C. (Kip) Woodward, Chair, Vancouver Coastal Health Authority – Building a Sustainable Health Care System” –
MarchDetective Mark Fenton, Vancouver Police, Technological Crimes Unit, Internet Investigations – “Internet Scams, Shams and Flim Flams” – more info click here
AprilFred Wah, Parliamentary Poet Laureate of Canada – “Poetry’s My Pension Plan”
MayJames McCormack, Professor, Pharmaceutical Services, UBC – “Medical Myths You Need to Learn About Before It’s Too Late”
JuneGreg D’Avignon, President and CEO,Business Council of British Columbia- Economy of British Columbia – Post Election”
JulySteve Dotto, Technology Expert and Radio Host of Dotto Tech – “The Social Impact of Technology” – view the PDF presentation here
August10th Anniversary Celebration Luncheonat Chief Joe Mathias Centre.
SeptemberDave Inglis, Analyst/Researcher, Intelligence Unit, British Columbia Securities Commission – “Be Fraud Aware”
OctoberDr. Kris Bulcroft, President and Vice- Chancellor, Capilano University – The Changing Landscape of Post-Secondary Education” – view the PDF here
NovemberMahara Sinclaire, Motivation Speaker,Author – “An Epic Adventure – 1,000 Days, 46 Countries”
DecemberNo speaker due to Christmas Luncheon
2012 Guest Speakers and Presentation (when available)
JanuaryHans Schreier, Ph.D., Professor, Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability, UBC – “Local and World Water Resources, Present and Future” – view the PDF presentation
FebruaryDr. Brian Day, Associate Professor UBC, Midical Director Cambie Medical Centre- “Straight vs Crooked Thinking in Reforming Our Health System”
MarchJim Carter, Former principal at West Vancouver High School – “West Vancouver Then and Now”
AprilJamie Taras, Director of Community Relations with BC Lions
MayDr. James A. Boutilier, Asia-Pacific Advisor, Canada’s Maritime Forces Pacific Headquarters- “Emerging Maritime Threats in East Asia”
JuneMaureen McGrath, RN, NCA, Host CKNW Sunday Night Sex Show, 980 AM – Sexual Health in the Golden Years” – View Presentation Here
JulyJohn Carruthers, President, Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines- “ The Enbridge Pipeline” – View presentation here
AugustMalcolm Metcalfe, LVO, P. Eng., Founder and Chief Technology Officer, ENBALA Power Systems- “Energy, Economy, Environment – A Tough Balance to Achieve” – View Presentation
SeptemberDr. David A. Wood, MD, FRCPC, Structural and Interventional Cardiologist at VGH and
SPH Director, Undergraduate Cardiovascular Assistant Professor at UBC, “Minimally Invasive Surgery for Structural Heart Disease and Valve Replacement”, View Presentation
OctoberHerbert Grubel, Professor of Economics (Emeritus), SFU and Senior Fellow, The Fraser Institute – “Is the Euro Dead?” View presentation here
NovemberIan D. Anderson, President, Kinder Morgan Canada – “Kinder Morgan Canada’s Application to Twin the TransMountain Pipeline between Canada and the Lower Mainland.” View his presentation
DecemberNo speaker due to Christmas Luncheon
2011 Guest Speakers and Presentation (when available)
JanuaryDr. John Maynard,Co-Senior Medical Director, Coastal HSDA- “Health Care Report for North Shore, Vancouver, and British Columbia” view presentation here
FebruaryJohn Allan, President and CEO, Council of Forest Industries and President, BC Lumber Trade Council, “Past Present and Future of the Forest Industry” View presentation here
MarchRick Antonson, President and CEO, Tourism Vancouver- “The Economic Importance of Tourism”
AprilPierre Gratton, President and CEO, Mining Association of British Columbia- “Mining In BC-the Opportunity” view the presentation here
MayGraham E. Fuller, Adjunct Professor of History, SFU and former Vice-Chairman of the National Intelligence Council of the CIA – “Middle East from the Inside”
JuneVivian Krause, Researcher and Writer – “American Funding of Environmental and Political Campaigns in Canada”
JulyDr. Corina Andreoiu, Professor of Nuclear Science, SFU and TRIUMF – “Nuclear Plants and Issues Around the World”
AugustJeff Bowser and Martin Eady, Invest Right, BC Securities Commission, “How to Protect Yourself from Securities Fraud and Inappropriate investments”
SeptemberIan Jarvis,CEO,Translink
OctoberDr. André Gerolymatos, Chair of Hellenic Studies at SFU – “The Arab Winter: Transformation of the Middle East”
NovemberNicole Garton-Jones, Heritage Law – “Estate Planning Essentials and New Law in BC” view presentation here
DecemberNo speaker due to Christmas Luncheon
2010 Guest Speakers and Presentation (when available)
JanuaryJohn McDonald, Chairman and CEO of Day4 Energy – “Worldwide Engergy”
FebruaryDr. André Gerolymatos, Chair of Hellenic Studies at SFU – “The Way Forward in the Middle East”
MarchJock Finlayson, Executive Vice President-Policy, Business Council of BC – “Prosperity in a Competitive World: British Columbia’s Post-Olympic Decade”
AprilDr. Brett J. Skinner, President, Fraser Institute and Director Health and Insurance Policy – “Health Care Systems Around the World: Compare and Contrast”
MayDan Doyle, Executive Vice President – Construction VANOC and Chair, BC Hydro – “2010 Olympics: Behind the Scenes”
JuneSteve Davis, Director, Independent Power Producers Association of BC- “Independent Power Producers: Watts New” –  here (6MB)
JulyDr. James R. McFarlane, Founder, International Submarine Engineering Ld. – “Voyages to the Bottom of the Seas”
AugustHeb Grubel, Professor Emeritus, Economics, SFU, “Immigration”
SeptemberDr. Warren Jestin, Senior Vice-President & Chief Economist, Scotiabank, New World Realities” and the Updated Global Forecast 
OctoberCheryl Wellington, PhD,UBC Brain Research, “Alzheimers Disease and Traumatic Brain Injury” – view her presentation here
NovemberCol. (Ret’d) Keith Maxwell, OMM, CD“The Canadians in Normandy” view his presentation
DecemberNo speaker due to Christmas Luncheon
2009 Guest Speakers and Presentation (when available)
JanuaryBjorn Moller, President and CEO of Teekay Shipping –  “Building a Global Franchise”
FebruaryDr. André Gerolymatos, Chair of Hellenic Studies at SFU – “The Expanding War: From the Middle East to South Asia”
MarchDr. Jaymie Matthews, Professor and Mission Scientist, Astronomy Undergraduate  Advisor, Department of Physics & Astronomy, UBC – “What if Galileo had a space telescope?”
AprilBob Boase, Probus Club Member – “Afghanistan:  Deep Past and Dark Future”
MayPeter Leitch, President, North Shore Studios and Mammoth Studios, and Chair of the Motion Picture Production Industry Association of BC – “The past 20 years and the future challenges and opportunities for the  film industry in B.C.”
JuneMark Mullins, Chair, B.C. Fraser Institute, “Market Meltdown: Global Trends and the Cycle Turn”
JulyRed Robinson, Vancouver show business legend and impresario, “That’s Entertainment”
AugustChristopher Gaze, Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival founder, artistic director and at times, performer, “20th Anniversary of The Festival and insights on Shakespeare and Theatre”
SeptemberCalvin D. Helin, member of the Tsimshian Nation from the northern BC community of Lax Kwalaams (Port Simpson), Author: “Dances with Dependency: Indigenous Success Through Self-reliance”, “New Hope for Native People”
OctoberElspeth BradburyLandscape architect and author, “History of Vancouver North Shore: A View Through the Trees”
NovemberDennis Molnar, Historian, “The Falklands War”
DecemberNo speaker due to Christmas Luncheon
2008 Guest Speakers and Presentation (when available)
JanuaryMichael Byers, Canada Research Chair in Global Politics and International Law at UBC – “Canadian Sovereignty in the ArcticWho will control the Northwest Passage?”
FebruaryDr. André Gerolymatos, Chair of Hellenic Studies at SFU – “The Politics of Fragmentation: The West and the Middle East in the 21st Century”
MarchGail Anderson, Ph. D, Professor in Forensic Entomology, School of Criminology, SFU – “Murder and Maggots: The telling role insects play in gathering evidence for solving crimes.”
AprilDoug Whitehead, Chairman, Finning International Inc. – “Success globally and a look into the oil-sands
MayVANOC Director Taleeb Noormohamed; West Vancouver Mayor Pamela Goldsmith-Jones; and, Spirit of BC – North Shore Chair, Doug Smith – “Update on 2010 Olympics and Para-Olympics planning”
JuneMartin Cronin, British Consul General to Western Canada – “The Challenge of International Terrorism and the Western Response”
JulyMaxine Davis, Executive Director, Dr Peter Centre, Vancouver –  “Providing Comfort Care for People Living with HIV/AIDS”
AugustJane Peverett, CEO, BC Transmission Corp, Vancouver –  “’The challenges of meeting B.C.’s high voltage electrical transmission needs in the next 10 years”
SeptemberDr. Max Cynader, Director of the Brain Research Centre at UBC – “How to keep your brain healthy.”
OctoberDr. Paul Evans, Ph. D, Asia Pacific Foundation Canada – “Canada and a Global China: Are we ready?”
NovemberDennis Molnar, Researcher of WW II battles and operations – “The German Enigma Machine and British efforts to break the military encryption codes”
DecemberNo speaker due to Christmas Luncheon
2007 Guest Speakers and Presentation (when available)
JanuaryDr. Eduard Fidler, Certified Financial Planner: “Costly mistakes in charitable giving and strategies to avoid them”
FebruaryDr. André Gerolymatos, Chair of Hellenic Studies, SFU: “Analysis of some current problems in the “hot spots” of the Middle East region”
MarchDavid Baines, columnist, Vancouver Sun: “Experiences in the past 20 years uncovering white collar crime in the stock market”
AprilBev Van Ruyven, Executive Vice President Customer Care and Conservation, BC Hydro: “BC Hydro long term plans to address the emerging gap between electricity supply and demand”
MayNick Geer, Chairman of the Board of NAV Canada, provider of Canadian civil air navigation services coast to coast: “NAV Canada‘s mission – Safety in Canada’s Skies”
JuneDon Krosgeth, Past Chair, Nature Trust of BC: “35 Years of Conservation of sensitive habitat lands
JulyJamie Graham, Chief Constable, Vancouver Police Department: “Five yearsofchallenges and experiences as Vancouver’stop cop
AugustPaul Gravett, Executive Director, Kay Meek CentreSuccessful turnaround at Kay Meek Centre and how the arts contribute greatly to West Vancouver’s cultural and business life”
SeptemberMaurice McElrea, President, Union Gospel Mission: “History of the Mission and its important role in assisting people living through personal distress”
OctoberSteve Davis, PresidentIndependent Power Producers of BC: “The part played by IPPs in response to BC Hydro challenge to return BC power generation to self-sufficiency by 2016”
NovemberKatherine Barber, Chief Editor, Canadian Oxford Dictionary“A stimulating and fun look at the history of the English language”
DecemberNo speaker due to Christmas Luncheon
2006 Guest Speakers and Presentation (when available)
JanuaryJames Delgado, FRGS, RPA, Executive Director, Vancouver Maritime Museum: “History of the museum from its founding in 1922”
FebruaryDr. André Gerolymatos, Chair of Hellenic Studies, SFU: “Update onsome current problems in the “hot spots” of the Middle East region”
MarchRuss Anthony, President, the new Vancouver Convention Centre and Exposition Pavilion: “History of the existing trade and convention centre and description of the new Convention Centre expansion which is well underway”
AprilMurray Leith, B. Comm.,CFA, VP and Director Investment Research, Odlum Brown Limited:“Tempered Expectations – expectations of relative performance of the Canadian vs. the US stock market”
MayJim Taylor, journalist, author, broadcaster: “Writing for 47 years, sports for 30 of those, getting paid for what he loved to do and having fun, and not finished yet”
JuneJack Poole, CEO, Vancouver 2010 Olympics CommitteeThe structure and membership of the Committee and the challenges for Canada staging the 2010 Olympic and Para-Olympic Winter Games”
JulyDr. John Maynard, Senior Director of Medicine, Lions Gate Hospital: “Some key issues facing health care today in British Columbia and the emerging family medicine crisis”
AugustPam Ryan, Director of Planning and Community Relations, Gateway Project, Ministry of Transportation: “The challenges and complexities of the proposed three billion dollar Ministry of Transportation Gateway Project”
SeptemberMark Ferguson, Senior Engineer, GVRD Water Filtration Project: “Description of ‘Canada’s largest water filtration plant, the $600 million project currently under construction on Vancouver’s North Shore”
OctoberDavid Bond, Chief Economist HSBC (retired):“From his years of experience in Canadian government service, humorous insights into the backstage problems of governing a country with no or little experience and only 6 months to learn it
NovemberScheduled presentation by Peter Speer, Director and Chair, Nature Trust of B C was cancelled due to a power failure — was rescheduled and presented by Don Krosgeth, Past Chair, in June 2007
DecemberNo speaker due to Christmas Luncheon
2005 Guest Speakers and Presentation (when available)
JanuaryDr. André Gerolymatos, Chair of Hellenic Studies, SFU: “Developments over the past year insome current problems areas in the “hot spots” of the Middle East region”
FebruaryDaniel Muzyka, Dean, Sauder School of Business, UBC:  “The challenges in the “Best of Times and the Worst of Times” in business education as UBC Faculty of Business completes 70 years of educating business and commerce students”
MarchPat Jacobson, Chief Executive Officer, Greater Vancouver Transportation Authority:  The operations of the GVTA and the challenges faced in ensuring mobility of goods and people in a major urban center”
AprilDr. John Nightingale, President, Vancouver Aquarium: “As the Aquarium celebrates its 50th birthday, a look at its past and its future outlook and its valued contribution to our understanding of our marine environment
MayCaptain Gordon Houston, President, Vancouver Port Authority: “History of the VPA and the significant contribution of the VPA operations in the Vancouver area economy”
JuneMr. Bob Ackles, President BC Lions, Governor CFL: “Fifty-plus years of great football memories — the journey from water boy to Director of Football Operations with BC Lions and around the best of the NFL”
JulyChristopher Gaze, Artistic Director and Founder, Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival“History of the Festival and the oft unrecognized amazing influence of Shakespeare in our everyday lives”
AugustDr. Les Vertesi, Associate Director of Health Research, Fraser Health Authority:  “Broken promises of health care in Canada: the present state; the basic problems faced today; how we got there; and ,the path forward to fix it”
SeptemberJohn Boone, Cardiologist, speaks of his passion as an apiarist: “All you ever wanted to know about bees”
OctoberMartin Crilly, CommissionerB.C. Ferries: “History and operations of BC Ferries – a look back at yesterday and forward to tomorrow”
November(Maestro) Bramwell Tovey, Musical Director, Vancouver Symphony Orchestra: “The language of music and its impact on children and adults; the history and operations of the VSO”
DecemberNo speaker due to Christmas Luncheon
2004 Guest Speakers and Presentation (when available)
JanuaryDr. André Gerolymatos, Chair of Hellenic Studies, SFU, and a recognized world class commentator on Middle Eastern affairs: “The history of Islam and analysis of the complex current situation in the Middle East”
FebruaryDr John Imrie, Chief Cardiologist, Lions Gate Hospital: “Dramatic and expensive) new therapies for heart disease …… can we afford them?”
MarchGrant Churchill, Chief Constable, West Vancouver Police and Gordon Tomlinson, Officer in Charge, RCMP, North Vancouver: “The law on the   North Shore, and the need for integration of police efforts”
AprilDr Paul Kariya, Executive Director, Pacific Salmon Foundation: “The Mission: Dedicated to conserve and rebuild the Pacific salmon population through strategic programs and efforts focused to meet common goals”
MayBryan Williams, QC:   “The role of the Court in a democratic society. Is there a significant role for Judicial Activism? “
JuneDr Max Cynader, Director, The Brain Research Centre, UBC: “The Aging Brain”, the challenges ahead for all of us, and the exciting research being done at the Centre”
JulyJohn Schreiner, vintner, writer, columnist and author of articles and books about wine: “The wonderful wines of British Columbia”
AugustDr Greg Lee, President, Capilano College: “The challenges and opportun-ities in post-secondary education”
SeptemberDr Jack Blaney, Chair, Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform: “The current system and the difficult process of examining the options and making recommendations for a better electoral system for BC”
OctoberPeter Milburn, Project Director, Sea-to-Sky Highway Improvement Project: “Step by step presentation describing the immense challenges and difficulties of designing and building this enormous construction project”
NovemberBrian Burke, General Manager (former), Vancouver Canucks: “The basic concepts of running an NHL hockey club and the immense challenges of going back to square one to restart the club to build a winning franchise”
DecemberNo speaker due to Christmas Luncheon
2003 Guest Speakers – Starting Year
OctoberDr Rick Skinner, President, Royal Roads University, Victoria BC:  “Report from the Edge: A new model of university education” 
NovemberMichael Ryan, businessman, financial analystradio financial program host devoted to increasing the understanding and function of business“Havoc in American corporate culture — Déjà vu …. Japan?”
DecemberNo speaker due to Christmas Luncheon